JodY: Owner + cook + barista

I have an energetic and creative mind that combines courage and passion in the right dose. Coffee, pure food and lifestyle are my passion. I would love to share my passion for good food and drink with you. So what if I can prepare some goodies for you later on? From a delicious meal to a delicious coffee. To make life a little bit nicer and easier or just for you because you simply don't feel like or have time to cook for yourself. A second home for you! That's what I want.

Vivianne Owner + chef

I prefer to spend the whole day thinking up dishes and cooking them. And if I can also serve that to others, I am full of joy and energy. At PLENTY I can let others experience how great you can eat when you only cook with the beautiful plants that the earth gives us. Making sincere contact with others with attention and care. I like that.

Silvia Barista

More than drinking my favourite cup of coffee in the morning, I love preparing the perfect cup for you in the peaceful environment of PLENTY. I´m thankful to be the person who can make your day even more beautiful, with not only delicious food and tasty drinks.